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Frittenden is a Rectory with records of its incumbents going back to 1279 when St Augustine’s was the patron of the parish.

The difference between a Rector and a Vicar is largely historical.  A Rectory was a benefice in which the Tithe was paid to the incumbent.  The incumbent was known as the Rector and the Benefice house, where he lived, was also known as the Rectory.  Tithes were monetised under the Tithe Act of 1839.  The Tithe Act 1925 transferred the tithe income to the Queen Anne’s Bounty fund, which supplemented the income of poor clergy.  The Tithe Act 1936 extinguished tithes altogether, Government Stock being issued in compensation.

Clergy houses are collectively known as parsonages but will normally be known as The Rectory or The Vicarage usually based on the historic status of the Benefice.

The current Patron of the Benefice of Sissinghurst with Frittenden is the Church Pastoral Aid Society (CPAS).

Rectors of Frittenden and [Patron], where known

1279         William de Lyndestede        [St Augustines]

1281         Robert de Winton

1301         Thomas?

1309         Richard de Ayremynne

1316         Henry de Ayremynne

1317         Thomas de Askelby

1358         Johannes Heyham

?                Edward Behgnham

1391         Edward Ohlond

1404         Richardus Lentwandyn

1406         Hugo Wotton

1409         Edward Bekybdham

1415         Robert Rawlyn

1419         Henry Walechurch

1425         William Hitere

1426         John Goode

1436         Henry Gunner

1437         John Basil

?                David Bernard

1453         Henry Crandbrook

?                Robert Miller

1477         Richard Joyce

1499         William Kitleysdene

1505         John Wythyson

1540?                                                    [Baker Family]

1545         Walter Dowley

1549         John Taylor

1550?                                                    [Webb Family]

?                Nicholas Hanyson

1569         Francis Rawson

1574         Robert Spenser

1582         Richard Grainger

1594         Edward Hargrave

1619         Sanderson Webb

1620         Richard Bond

1635         William Dell

1642         Richard Bond

1647                                                      [Thomas Shelley Esq]

1666         Robert Clark

1666         Robert Newton                    [William Daines]

1725         Thomas Bagnall

1725         Henry Bagnall

1726                                                      [Henry Bagnall]

1761         Henry Friend

?                                                             [Thomas Hallett Hodges]

?                                                             [Thomas Law Hodges]

1805         Henry Hodges

1837         John Argles

1842                                                      [Trustees of the Marriage Settlement of Edward and Lady Harriett Moore]

1848         Edward Moore

1867                                                      [Hoare Family]

1869         Thomas Hallward

1899         Rupert Inglis

1917         Cyril Balmer

1919?                                                    [Sir Charles John Oakeley]

1924         Cecil Stooks

1927         Henry Leathly

1938                                                      [Sir Charles Oakeley]

1941         Robert White

1946         Ernest Evitt

1950         Stanley Edwards

1957         Townsend Blake

1959                                                      [Sir Atholl Oakeley]

1960         Noel Manley

1966         Anthony Baxter-Shaw

1973*       Christopher Brown

1977         Denis Downham

1978         Ian Butler

1992         Alan Norris

2013         Frederick Olney

2020         Pete Deaves

* Frittenden combined with Sissinghurst, a vicarage, from this date


The information on this page has been kindly provided by the Frittenden Historical Society.