Serving God, Serving our Community

Prayer underpins everything we do at St Mary’s.

Here is the prayer diary for August 2021
Sun 1———————————————————————————————————————
Mon 2May we find comfort in praising God – especially if suffering from depression
Tue 3Ask God to sustain any we know with Alzheimer’s disease, and their carers
Wed 4Pray for healing for people suffering from coronavirus and long covid
Thu 5May God watch over the safety of miners and all in dangerous occupations
Fri 6Young people whose education or careers have suffered during the pandemic
Sat 7Give thanks for the pleasure of seeing birds and wildlife in our own surroundings
Sun 8———————————————————————————————————————
Mon 9Pray for justice for peoples whose governments oppress them
Tue 10May God inspire the Open the Book team as they plan restarting their assemblies
Wed 11Pray for those who have problems controlling their anger for deep-rooted reasons
Thu 12May the Lord bless those getting married in our church this year
Fri 13Pray for those who work in our criminal justice system
Sat 14Ask that forgiveness will not become a lost art, replaced by outrage
Sun 15———————————————————————————————————————
Mon 16Give thanks for the wonder of the ever-changing skies above us
Tue 17Ask God to show us how to reach understanding between people of different faiths
Wed 18Pray for the work of Fegans caring for children and families in difficulty
Thu 19Cleaners and refuse workers – for safety and for their work be properly recognised
Fri 20Give thanks for our parish playing field and the enjoyment it provides for all
Sat 21Pray for understanding of the need to promote the growth of wild flowers
Sun 22———————————————————————————————————————
Mon 23May God bless grandparent–grandchild – and godparent-godchild – relationships
Tue 24Pray for our police forces in their difficult and sometimes dangerous job
Wed 25The royal family as they seek to serve our country
Thu 26Let us pray that we will understand the value of small acts of kindness
Fri 27Pray for the aviation industry, reconciling employment with damage to the climate
Sat 28My God prosper local pubs and cafes struggling with the effects of the pandemic
Sun 29———————————————————————————————————————
Mon 30Jesus was in the building trade – pray for local builders and people in manual work
Tue 31“Praise the Lord O my soul”