Serving God, Serving our Community

The United Benefice of Sissinghurst with Frittenden

2022 Prayer Diary 

Jesus said: Therefore, I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you receive it, and you will…  Mark 11:24

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The prayer diary now takes the form of a leaflet with a topic for each day of the month, and this monthly cycle of prayer will apply throughout the year. 

Pete would like the diary to be used across the benefice, so it includes topics for both villages. It’s available as a paper copy in church or as a download by clicking here. The leaflet folds in three to make a handy bookmark. 

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1st day of the month

Our Mission is to serve God, and serve our community. Ask God to guide our churches to fulfil this mission, directing us where to concentrate our energies effectively and with fruitfulness.

2nd day of the month

Praise God for our church wardens and the many ways they serve. Ask Him to send them continuing energy and wisdom in all they do, serving in the strength He gives.

3rd day of the month

Lift before God Eric and Rhena serving in Asia. Pray that their work would be strategic, successful and clearly guided in every way by the Holy Spirit.

4th day of the month

Give thanks for Frittenden Primary School and pre-school. Ask God to bless all the pupils, teachers, staff, and governors and Headteacher, Ms Nichola Costello.

5th day of the month

Pray for the Charities supported by our churches. They include Weald Family Hub, Fegans, Farming Community Network, Maidstone Homeless Care, and Kenward Trust.

6th day of the month

Ask God to guide the leaders and helpers at Trinity Tots and (St Mary’s) Little Lambs, and bless the children and their parents or carers.

7th day of the month

Ask God to give you opportunity this week to invite someone to a service, or an event run by the church, or speak about Jesus.

8th day of the month

Pray that God’s healing power be felt by all who suffer from Covid-19 and its after-effects. May He supply endless stamina and skill to the medical staff who look after them.

9th day of the month

Lift with thanks before God, Tony our Reader, Hubert, John Mulrenan and all who lead and preach in our services. Bless their termly get togethers, and ask for His enabling and guidance as they use their gifts for His glory.

10th day of the month

Ask the Lord to direct the leaders of the Church of England, and His church throughout the world, in the way ahead. Pray for those who are persecuted for their Christian faith.

11th day of the month

Praise God for Pete and Claire, and ask Him to empower them in the many ways in which they serve. Ask God to fill them with His joy and peace, and pray that we would encourage them by serving joyfully and cheerfully.

12th day of the month

Give thanks to God for the welcome you have enjoyed into His family, and into the Church family. Pray that the welcome we offer as a church mirrors the welcome we ourselves have received.

13th day of the month

Thank God for our Small Groups and Bible Studies, and Sunday children’s groups. Ask for God’s wisdom for those leading, and the Spirit’s empowering to be outward-looking.

14th day of the month

Pray for safeguarding in our two churches. Ask God to support our safeguarding officers, and to grant that everyone will recognise and understand their responsibility in this area.

15th day of the month

Pray that God will guide the nations and large corporations of the world to pursue policies that combat climate change and promote biodiversity. May He also lead us individually to avoid misusing His gifts to us.

16th day of the month

Give thanks for those who give their time and money to supporting the fabric of our church buildings. Ask God to show us how to use them truly to serve the communities in which He has placed us.

17th day of the month

Give thanks for all who serve on the PCCs and rotas in our churches. Ask God to put the right people where He wants at the right time.

18th day of the month

Pray for any special person you know in the local community who is sick, unwell, or recovering from trauma, mental or physical.  Pray for all who suffer in the same way, that insight may be gained into how to help them.

19th day of the month

Pray that God will bless the pupils and parents, staff and governors of Sissinghurst School, Headteacher Mrs Joanna Langton, and also the Learning Tree Nursery School. 

20th day of the month

Pray for our monarch, the Royal Family and our political leaders. Pray for God’s continued blessing on our nation, and that our leaders will be provided with sound judgement and wise decision making. 

21st day of the month

Praise God for our musicians’ willingness to use the gifts He has given them to assist our worship. Pray for these gifts to be developed and fine-tuned to bring Him glory and praise.  

22nd day of the month

Pray for all who are making perilous journeys to escape war, oppression, persecution and poverty. Give thanks for those who make it their job to care for the migrants who end up here in Kent. 

23rd day of the month

Thank our heavenly Father for opening the door for Open the Book, telling bible stories in Frittenden and Sissinghurst Primary Schools. Ask God’s blessing and enabling as the team rehearse and perform.

24th day of the month

Praise God for the welcome offered by CAMEO, and Trinity Coffee Mornings. Ask Him to bring along more people, and to continue to work through the teams.

25th day of the month

Ask for God to bless local businesses and self-employed, that they may thrive. Thank Him for the farmers who look after the countryside that we all appreciate every day. 

26th day of the month

Pray to Our Father in Heaven that he will inspire the prayer life of our church. May His presence be felt at the Moving Mountains prayer meetings. Ask God to speak to us clearly, and to help us to respond obediently.

27th day of the month

Pray that God will watch over those who are struggling with poverty in many parts of the world. Ask Him to remind us when our “cup runneth over”………  

28th day of the month

………and show us how we can help, praying that, inspired by the the Diocese “Year of Living Generously,” every area of our common life will be infused with God’s generosity.

29th day of the month

Pray for young people in our two villages. Give thanks for the Frittenden Youth Club, and Sissinghurst uniformed organisations, and ask Him to strengthen all provision in this area.  

30th day of the month

Ask our Good Shepherd to watch over those of  His flock who are nearing the end of their life. May He bless residents and staff of Larchmere, Hartley House and other local care institutions.

31st day of the month

Pray for all who run the admin of our churches, in secretarial work, financial supervision, and IT production.