Serving God, Serving our Community

Prayer underpins everything we do at St Mary’s.

Here is the prayer diary for May:


Wed 1    For Wednesday Question Time: for open and honest discussion

Thu 2      Local elections today: give thanks for our democratic tradition.

Fri 3        For the Christians of Sri Lanka, following the atrocity of Easter Sunday

Sat 4       – – – – – – – – –

Sun 5      That we may sense God’s continuing presence in our lives and in our worship.

Mon 6    Help us to use our leisure time wisely

Tue 7      For a sensitive and considered approach to environmental issues

Wed 8    Julian of Norwich: give thanks for the contribution of women in Christian life

Thu 9      For those who live in Sinkhurst Green

Fri 10      For the Muslim community of New Zealand, following the atrocity in Christchurch

Sat 11    – – – – – – – – –

Sun 12    For the ministry of Bishop Trevor Willmott, at his final service in Canterbury

Mon 13  Christian Aid Week: to commit ourselves via prayer and action for the poor

Tue 14   For tonight’s joint PCC meeting with Sissinghurst

Wed 15  For the open meeting of Deanery Synod with representatives of the Diocese

Thu 16   For those who live in The Limes

Fri 17      For Jewish communities fearful of the resurgence of anti-Semitism worldwide

Sat 18    – – – – – – – – –

Sun 19    That our worship today may give us a sense of God’s glory.

Mon 20  For those who feel insecure in their work

Tue 21   For those who feel insecure in their relationships

Wed 22  For those with mental health issues, especially the young

Thu 23   For those who live in The Street

Fri 24      John & Charles Wesley, evangelists and hymn writers: thank God for their work

Sat 25    – – – – – – – – –

Sun 26    That our worship today may bring spiritual refreshment and renewal.

Mon 27  Rogation Days – pray for our farming community

Tue 28   Rogation Days – pray for our fishermen

Wed 29  Rogation Days – pray for all who support us through their skill and industry

Thu 30   Ascension Day: help us sense the presence of the risen, ascended Lord

 On Saturdays look back with prayerful thanks for the good things of the past week.

Please pray for our Parish and our Church family

and for people you know who particularly need your prayers.