Serving God, Serving our Community

Prayer underpins everything we do at St Mary’s.

Here is the prayer diary for May 2021
Sat 1May God be with the people of India in the depths of their struggle
Sun 2——————————————————————————————————————
Mon 3May God support children whose learning has been affected by the lockdowns
Tue 4Give thanks for the vaccines and pray for equality of access in all countries
Wed 5For churches around the world helping their communities tackle climate change
Thu 6Pray that the Lord will heal those suffering from Covid-19 or its after-effects
Fri 7Pray for our leaders as they decide about releasing restrictions
Sat 8For our own solitary prayer life and devotions  (Julian of Norwich day)
Sun 9——————————————————————————————————————
Mon 10May God’s inspiration and grace be felt at the Moving Mountains meeting today
Tue 11Pray that Christian values will be reflected in legislation announced today
Wed 12For people across the world who speak up for the rights of young people
Thu 13Pray for the the Lord’s leading in this evening’s joint PCC meeting
Fri 14May the Lord bless the inhabitants of Knoxbridge and Tolehurst
Sat 15Pray that we may serve the Lord locally through our new service schedule
Sun 16——————————————————————————————————————
Mon 17Pray that we have hearts increasingly captivated by the good news of Jesus
Tue 18Pray for wisdom for teachers assessing pupils’ public exam grades
Wed 19That the Rohingya people in their camps may experience God’s provision
Thu 20May God give strength to our link missionaries Eric and Rhena Clouston in India
Fri 21Where local businesses are now able to open up: pray that God will prosper them
Sat 22May the Holy Spirit empower the service of our church to the community
Sun 23——————————————————————————————————————
Mon 24May God’s presence and comfort be known by those who have been bereaved
Tue 25Pray that, for climate change, governments may grasp the need to “Get on with it”
Wed 26Protection for the 300,000 refugees displaced by violence in Burkino Faso
Thu 27Weald Family Hub – supporting young people with mental health problems
Fri 28Pray for the Lord’s blessing on the toddler groups starting up in the Benefice
Sat 29May the Holy Spirit inspire those who preach in our services week by week
Sun 30——————————————————————————————————————
Mon 31Ask God to protect all expecting a baby (Day of the visitation of Mary to Elizabeth)

On Sundays let us listen for what God may be saying to us.

Please pray for our Parish and our Church family.
The topic on Wednesday is often from the Tearfund prayer diary