Serving God, Serving our Community

Prayer underpins everything we do at St Mary’s.

Here is the prayer diary for September
Tue 1 For pupils and teachers returning to our village school
Wed 2 Myanmar – that Tearfund can help more local churches to build support networks
Thu 3 Fegans’ staff returning to work, that they can feel some normality is returning.
Fri 4 For those organising the restart of worship in church
Sat 5 That God’s presence may be felt at the Sunday services with all the changes
Sun 6 ————————————————————————————
Mon 7 Insight and effectiveness for those trying to prevent a surge in Covid-19 cases
Tue 8 For governors and headteachers supervising return to school
Wed 9 In Tanzania – encouragement for groups saving funds to buy solar lighting
Thu 10 World suicide prevention day – compassion for those contemplating or affected
Fri 11 Let us not forget in our prayers people still falling ill with Covid-19
Sat 12 Ride and Stride today – for safe cycling and lots of pedal power!
Sun 13 ————————————————————————————
Mon 14 Developing countries battling against the pandemic
Tue 15 The continuing online prayer hub – that the Holy Spirit may be encountered there
Wed 16 Give thanks for those who leave a legacy to Tearfund in their will
Thu 17 Practical relief for families already in poverty, suffering hardship due to Covid-19
Fri 18 Remember our dependence on the natural world that God has made
Sat 19 Energy and good weather for the Mill lane Burial Ground working party (today)
Sun 20 ————————————————————————————
Mon 21 That the Christian Gospel may spread where it is unknown (St Matthew’s day)
Tue 22 World car free day – that we may be aware of the unwanted effects of driving
Wed 23 For Syrian refugees, who Tearfund is helping to build new businesses in Lebanon
Thu 24 Eric and Rhena Clouston, our link missionaries, affected by a drop in giving to CMS
Fri 25 Give thanks for the harvest and all God’s goodness to us
Sat 26 Those with mesothelioma and their families (Mesothelioma awareness day)
Sun 27 ————————————————————————————
Mon 28 Back to basics: lead us not into temptation ……….
Tue 29      ……and deliver us from evil (St Michael’s day)
Wed 30 For understanding and progress in the struggle against racial prejudice
On Sundays let us listen for what God may be saying to us.
Please pray for our Parish and our Church family.
The topic on Weds is from Tearfund prayer diary