Serving God, Serving our Community

Prayer underpins everything we do at St Mary’s.

Here is the prayer diary for December
Tue 1 Pray for our Advent course continuing tomorrow and Thursday
Wed 2 Ask God to watch over families displaced from their homes by conflict in Iraq
Thu 3 International day of persons with disabilities – may God inspire us all
Fri 4 For all those who support our school: governors, cleaners, crossing patrol, PTA etc
Sat 5 Pray for families @ four continuing tomorrow and next week
Sun 6 ——————————————————————————————————-
Mon 7 Pray for scientists and administrators working to get vaccines to the public
Tue 8 May God protect those whose livelihoods depend on local pubs and cafes
Wed 9 Bangladeshi churches, which Tearfund partners to help people escape poverty
Thu 10 Human rights day – give thanks for the respect of rights that we enjoy in the UK
Fri 11 For governments to realise the urgency of doing something about climate change
Sat 12 May God’s light shine through the village Advent windows, drawing folk together
Sun 13 ——————————————————————————————————-
Mon 14 Remember people still going into intensive care with Covid-19
Tue 15 For those who deliver our post, and other delivery people we depend on at present
Wed 16 Children in Central Africa with malnutrition due to crop failure from climate change
Thu 17 May God prosper the work of the Hastings Foodbank this Christmas time
Fri 18 Migrants who are far from home and enduring many troubles
Sat 19 Pray for people who will find this Christmas tough for whatever reason
Sun 20 ——————————————————————————————————-
Mon 21 Help us to deal with doubts and uncertainty (St Thomas’s day)
Tue 22 Pray that staff and pupils at our village school may have a restful break
Wed 23 May God bless families who cannot meet or have become dislocated this year
Thu 24 Pray for our Christmas services today and tomorrow
Fri 25 Give thanks for the birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ today
Sat 26 St Stephen’s day – pray for those whose lives are at risk because of their faith
Sun 27 ——————————————————————————————————-
Mon 28 Homeless out in the cold this winter while trying to deal with Covid-19 as well
Tue 29 Thomas à Becket day – pray for all whose livelihoods depend on culture and travel
Wed 30 Thank God for all those who work hard to raise money for those in need
Thu 31 Give thanks for the life of our church and village in the past year