Serving God, Serving our Community

Prayer underpins everything we do at St Mary’s.

Here is the prayer diary for November:

Fri 1              For our country – the healing of divisions

Sat 2              ———————–

Sun 3            For church members with extra responsibility in the interregnum

Mon 4           For the Missionary Aviation Fellowship

Tue 5            For understanding between catholics and protestants especially in N Ireland

Wed 6           For people suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder

Thu 7            For those bereaved by war everywhere

Fri 8              For those living with the physical effects of war injury

Sat 9              ————————

Sun 10          Remembrance Sunday – for the commemorations in our village and nationally

Mon 11        For residents of Headcorn Road

Tue 12          For progress in avoiding climate change

Wed 13        That we may remember the importance of kindness to strangers

Thu 14          For people with diabetes (world diabetes day)

Fri 15            For our bellringers and the meeting of the Kent Association here tomorrow

Sat 16           ———————–

Sun 17          For Diana Bourne leading our service today

Mon 18        For the life of prayer in our church (“moving mountains” this morning)

Tue 19          For those in the world who do not have access to proper water or sanitation

Wed 20        For victims of road traffic accidents and their families

Thu 21          For the Women’s Institute both in our village and nationally

Fri 22            That we may be content with a sustainable amount of possessions

Sat 23           ———————–

Sun 24          For John Mulrenan preaching at our service today

Mon 25        For women suffering the effects of domestic violence

Tue 26          For men suffering from prostate cancer

Wed 27        For residents of Hungerden Lane

Thu 28          For the residents of Larchmere

Fri 29           For Touch Base, a club (today) for local children new to secondary school

Sat 30           ———————–

On Saturdays look back with prayerful thanks for the good things of the past week.

Please pray for our Parish and our Church family

and for people you know who particularly need your prayers.