Serving God, Serving our Community

Prayer underpins everything we do at St Mary’s.

Here is the prayer diary for July:
Wed 1 The “HUGS” groups: to be a pathway for the love of Christ to be spread
Thu 2 The work of Tearfund reaching poor and vulnerable children in Cambodia
Fri 3 Our church opening for private worship : that God’s presence be enjoyed there
Sat 4 That people find a responsible way to exit from lockdown whatever their situation
Sun 5 ———————————————————————
Mon 6 Ongoing unity and God’s richest blessing on sisters and brothers at Trinity Church
Tue 7 Enthusiasm and progress in setting up the new local toddler group
Wed 8 Security of food and water supplies following Cyclone Idai (2019) in Africa
Thu 9 For those bereaved by the pandemic: that they would find hope in Christ
Fri 10 That all people will understand the true effects of racial discrimination
Sat 11 Our ongoing talks on St Mark’s gospel – to truly encounter Jesus for ourselves
Sun 12 ———————————————————————
Mon 13 Wisdom for Helen Grant our MP, and that she would serve in God’s strength
Tue 14 Good weather and skilled management for local farmers, who grow our food
Wed 15 Footsteps magazine – (Tearfund) – informing low-income readers across the world
Thu 16 Insight for our government as it navigates onward through the coronavirus crisis
Fri 17 That all people will understand the deep-rooted causes of racial discrimination
Sat 18 Fred and Angela in their retirement, to know God’s blessing peace and presence
Sun 19 ———————————————————————
Mon 20 Thanks for the Frittenden Parish Council hardship fund and pray for those it helps
Tue 21 Treatment for people with worrying illnesses, where this was delayed by Covid-19
Wed 22 Mary Magdalene day: that we may all know the reality of the resurrection
Thu 23 Success in rebuilding people’s small businesses in Iraq after conflict.
Fri 24 For the work of the Samaritans (Samaritans awareness day)
Sat 25 For Pete and all who organise our church services in whatever format
Sun 26 ———————————————————————
Mon 27 That action against climate change may not be forgotten in the face of Covid-19
Tue 28 Our children over the summer, a good holiday and readiness to resume education
Wed 29 Stability, security, and relief from ethnic tensions in Ethiopia
Thu 30 Give thanks for the abolition of slavery in 1834 (William Wilberforce memorial day)
Fri 31 For hope and stability when mental health has suffered during the Covid-19 crisis
On Sundays let us listen for what God may be saying to us.
Please pray for our Parish and our Church family.
The topic on Weds or Thurs is from Tearfund prayer diary