Serving God, Serving our Community

Time Flies – Retirement Looms – God is faithful

Dear parishioners and friends,

So, as first announced in December 2018, the time has come. After six very happy years here, Angela and I are now retiring. Officially, it’s on September 30th, but the last two weeks of September are part of my annual leave. They will be used for the final preparations for our house move to Loughborough in mid-October.

My final ‘working’ day is thus Sunday 15 September, with various special and regular events that weekend (including a concert), described elsewhere. We hope to see and say goodbye to as many of you as possible then, as well as thanking you for welcoming us so warmly into your village and church. Your genuine concern and practical help in many ways was particularly appreciated again in the last few weeks, following Angela’s trip and broken collar bone (now mending well, thankfully). Thank you.

I’d like to quote a short hymn expressing some of my thoughts on confidence and trust in such times of change and transition for us all. Though not widely used now, these concise words are worth pondering. Their author, Joseph Hart (1712-1768), was a London teacher and preacher whose life was full of ups and downs. He came to a strong faith in Christ at the age of 45 and wrote many hymns.

1 How good is the God we adore! 
Our faithful, unchangeable friend:
 his love is as great as his power 
and knows neither measure nor end.

2 For Christ is the first and the last; 
his Spirit will guide us safe home;
 we’ll praise him for all that is past
 and trust him for all that’s to come.

Rev Fred Olney