Serving God, Serving our Community
If you are visiting St Mary’s and you have a mobile phone with you, you can logon to our InfoPoint system and access the full history of the church as well as a Guide to the church and a Children’s Tour.

It is really very simple – once in the church open your phone and

Select our ‘Info-Point’ Wi-Fi

Use Settings > Wi-Fi  (select ‘use as is’ if offered, don’t ‘cancel’ any connection messages) then go back to your home screen

Then Open a browser e.g. Safari, Chrome, Firefox, or ‘Internet’ and type into the address bar:

Our home page will then appear and you can navigate from there.

You can find these instructions in the church on the notice board.

Info-Point is a free local web. It will not connect you to the Internet. It does not affect your data allowance.