Serving God, Serving our Community
Reverend Pete Deaves

Moving in…

The last box loaded on, the house still and echoey, soulless and empty. Silence.

Can you cast your mind back to the last time you moved? Research by energy company E.ON found that 62% of people found moving the most stressful life event, so perhaps you’ve pushed the memory to the back of your mind! Seeing the accumulated contents of your life packed into a couple of large lorries is a really weird experience, don’t you think?

Before our move, Claire and I (‘assisted’ by our girls!) attempted to ‘declutter’ our home and find other homes for items we no longer needed. So looking at the groaning removal lorries I groaned: how come we still have all this stuff! It’s not often, is it, that we get to reflect on what we hold onto and what we let go of, or step back and make decisions about how we run our lives?

And that’s one of the reasons I’d love you to consider coming to our daytime or evening Lent course. What is our relationship with our planet, and how we might take better care of God’s creation? For more details click here.

Claire and I are hugely grateful for the warm welcome (especially with the weather we’ve had!) and are looking forward to getting to know you all soon. Please do introduce yourself to us and forgive the likely lapses we’ll have with names!

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