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Messy Church


In this wonderful weather we’re having, many of us have been outside and thinking, what an amazing world God has made! We’d like to share this with you this month Here’s a short film clip about the world God has created and how sometimes we are not looking after it.  Some images towards the end are quite serious, so please watch the film before you let your children see it. .
What activities can we do to celebrate the world God has made for us and how can we help look after it? Below is a  picture you could print out if your children enjoy colouring.
And here is a link to another one: Care for God’s world colouring
The next three links show some activities you can do to help you think about the great diversity of God’s creation.
When you’ve done some of these activities then try out this song, you may not know it, but it’s really good fun and it’s Pete’s family’s favourite. . Why not have a go at singing along, see how you get on!
Try reading this version of Psalm 8 adapted for Messy Church. The Psalms were written by David, as a young boy he looked after sheep on the hills. He used to pass the time making up songs. When he grew up he became a great king. Some of his songs became famous ‘The Lord’s my shepherd ‘ is one of his songs that a lot of people still sing today. Here is one of David’s songs about God’s world.Try reading it together.
O Lord, our God,
Everyone can see how amazing you are!
When I think how huge the sky is,
About the moon and the stars
Which you made and put into place,
I wonder why you care about little people like us!
But you do, and you’ve given us humans special honour.
You’ve put us in charge of your whole creation:
Over all the flocks and herds of animals,
Over all the birds in the sky,
Over all the fish and creatures in the sea. 
O Lord, our God,
Everyone can see how amazing you are!
So our job is to love creation and to care for it and not to spoil it. What do you like best about God’s creation? Do let us know we’d love to hear what you think.
And finally why not watch and join in with this song, ‘The whole world in his hands’  
We hope you are having a very good summer. We don’t expect to be back meeting physically in September, but we are looking at different ways we can connect and can’t wait to see you all again – it’s been far too long!!  
Every blessing in Christ and see you all soon,
Pete and the Messy Church Team. x